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IRA Reminder

The last day to make a change to your IRA for 2015 taxes is April 15th. If you have any questions or would like to make IRA changes, please see Terri at our Park Street office.

Tax Time Tune Up

Yes, it’s that time again, time to file your taxes. But it might also be time to do a Financial Tune Up.


Break down your withholdings When filling out a W-4, the more allowances you claim, the bigger your paycheck will be, since fewer taxes are deducted. But what you don’t pay during the year, you’ll owe when you file your tax returns. Conversely, if you have too much tax withheld, you’re giving the government a free loan. You’ll get a refund— without interest—at tax time. Fortunately, you can Google the IRS withholding calculator and use it to make sure you’re on the right path. If you decide you want to make changes, complete and submit a new W-4 to your employer.


The Affordable Care Act requirements The Affordable Care Act requires everyone to have health insurance. If you are purchasing your own health insurance plan from the marketplace and are receiving advance payments of premiums, you must keep the marketplace updated with life changes that would affect those payments. If the marketplace decides you are receiving more assistance than needed, you will have to pay it back when you file your tax return


Estimated taxes….If you expect to owe more than $1,000 in taxes, you might need to pay estimated taxes four times a year, usually the 15th of January, April, June, and September. If you don’t make those payments, you could face penalties.

Like your vehicles, your financial portfolio also needs a good overhaul now and again. Tax time is the perfect time to take a look at how you can make changes for the upcoming tax year and get ahead of expensive ‘repairs’.

Dates to Remember

  • Tax Filing Deadline, Friday, April 15th….Remember to take time to also do a Financial Tune Up.


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