Fee Schedule

Account Association Fees
Minimum Balance Fee | Regular Checking $5.00
Minimum Balance Fee | Mini Checking $5.00
Reinstatement of Savings or Checking Account
(if reopened in 90 days)
Stop Payment Fee $15.00


Non-sufficient Funds Items by check, Check Card or Automatic Withdrawals
(due to non-sufficient or uncollected funds)
Non-sufficient Funds Item Paid $25.00
Non-sufficient Funds Item Returned $25.00
NSF Check Charge for Loan Payments $25.00
Transfer from Shares to Cover NSF Item $2.00


Visa Credit Card
Cash Advance Fee $2.00


Visa Check Card
Cash Advance Fee None
Check Card Issuance Fee $5.00
Foreign ATM Fee Free
Replacement Card Fee $5.00


Negotiable Instruments
Cashiers Checks $5.00
Money Orders $2.00
Teller Checks $3.00


Account Research
Account Activity Printout $1.00 (per page)
Account Reconciliation (per hour) $15.00
Check Copy $5.00
Records Research (per hour) $15.00
Statement Copy $1.00 (per page)


Wire Transfer Fee
Domestic Wire Transfer (incoming $7.00
International Wire Transfer (incoming) $15.00
Domestic Wire Transfer(outgoing) $17.00
International Wire Transfer (outgoing) $40.00


Miscellaneous Member Services
*Check Cashing Fee $5.00
Check Copy $5.00
Dormant Account Fee (per quarter) $5.00
Excessive Share Withdrawal Fees (After 6 per month) $.50
Executions, Garnishments, Levies $25.00
Manual Bill Payment Per Item $3.00
Notary Fee (for non members only) $2.00
*Check Cashing Fee
(This fee will not be charged to any active members who have $100.00 average balance in deposits or another active Credit Union service)


Fax Service Fee
Incoming $3.00
Outgoing $3.00


Annual Safe Deposit Box Fee
3×5 $20.00
3×10 $25.00
4×10 $40.00
10×10 $50.00
Drill and Replace Lock Actual Cost